War of choice, war of necessity

War of choice, war of necessity… It’s all one war, as Michael Herr, in 1977, told us: you “couldn’t use standard methods to date the doom; might as well say that Vietnam was where the Trail of Tears was headed all along, the turnaround point where it would touch and come back to form a containing perimeter.”

On Saturday, three of The Four Fathers (myself, Richard Clare and Mark Quiney) piled into Mark’s van for a trip north to Walthamstow

On Saturday, three of The Four Fathers (myself, Richard Clare and Mark Quiney) piled into Mark’s van for a trip north to Walthamstow to support a protest against proposals by Waltham Forest Council to create unaffordable new housing as part of the development of Walthamstow’s main square, which would also involve the loss of publicly-owned land. As the campaigners, from Save Walthamstow’s Town Centre, point out, very few, if any of the new homes currently built by developers "go to those on housing waiting lists; and to buy or rent you have to be on up to £90k [a year]. ‘Affordable’ means ‘unaffordable’ for most people in this borough. These developments are aimed purely at making big profits for shareholders."
It was a great protest, and very well attended, and we were delighted to play ‘London’, ‘Grenfell’, ‘Fighting Injustice’ and ‘Riot’ to an audience in tune with our protest music. We hope to get an opportunity to support the campaigners again in future, as we suspect that the council will not give up without further concerted opposition from the people of Walthamstow.
Ironically, one of the reasons given for the expansion of the shopping centre is that local people travel outside the area to shop, but on Saturday the ridiculousness of this statement was made clear, as Walthamstow’s vibrant street market was absolutely rammed with more people than it was possible to count. What the council clearly means is that it couldn’t care less about the market, and wants to expand the corporate outlets in the shopping centre, even though that would severely damage the viability of local businesses, as such expansions always do.
For our studio recordings, see: https://thefourfathers.bandcamp.com
For ‘Grenfell’, see: https://youtu.be/BLehKWOhMyY
Many thanks to Emilie Makin for the photos!
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However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh by boat with family to make your trip more exciting.

MJ: I love it! Will you do me a favor tonight? , Malia: Sure

MJ: I love it! Will you do me a favor tonight?
Malia: Sure. What would you like me to do?
MJ: I would like you to lay still on the bed for as long as it takes.
Malia: You want me to lay still for as long as what takes?
MJ: For as long as it takes me to kiss every inch of your beautiful body.
Malia: I’m in, but it is going to take a while, because I am as big as a house.
MJ: You are gorgeous glowing pregnant goddess, that I’m about to kiss every square inch of!
Malia: Yay me! After you get done with kissathon, we need to have a talk. Doctor Deb called me today. She heard about your son “jumping off the top rope” onto your head and neck by accident. She called your mom to.
MJ: I may never stop kissing you then. I don’t want to have that talk.
Malia: We’re doing both! If you don’t like it. Too bad! I think Doctor Deb saw this on the report, and it freaked her out- Told Mr. Johnson it was his choice. Have fun now, or watch his children graduate from high school?
Malia: I know you and Chris watch Rocky 4 on an endless loop, but Rocky gets brain damage after fighting the Russian! It was a miracle you survived when your subdural hematoma ruptured in 2015! Don’t blow it baby! Let Chris wrestle. God knows he can fake getting hurt like the wrestlers do. You guys joke about how he faked that back injury all the time.
MJ: It was an accident. He didn’t mean to land on my head.
Malia: Your mom told Doctor Deb, you didn’t get out of bed from Saturday night, until Sunday night, and your Dad stayed with you all night, because you kept screaming out and sweating through your clothes! Not good babe!
MJ: Do you want the kisses or not?
Malia: Yes, but I want you alive for years and years, more.
MJ: The truth is, it wasn’t pretty, but it worked out okay. We were at my parents house. My parents watched him, while I rested, etc.
Malia: I know you want to do everything with your son, and our kids, and me, but you mean everything to us. Please don’t rough house and play CJ slams Daddy with the Thor hammer anymore. We need you!
MJ: I promise I will do better. I mean it.
Malia: Let Chris do the rough stuff with CJ. He gets a lifetime hero helper check from the government, to be there for you. So let him earn his pay!
MJ: Ok. I will baby. I want to see our kids grow up, graduate, get married, etc.
Malia: Ok, now let’s talk about this kissing me everywhere some more. What’s your eta?
MJ: No talk. Let’s do! Right now!
Malia: Reminder- I can’t get the front door open anymore. Your safety panic door weighs as much as a bank vault door I think.
MJ: Dubs. The door is your area of expertise. I’ll handle the kissing part!

I’m so grateful to be alive in a time when I don’t need to worry about being burned at the stake or tortured for my witchiness & creativity, for…

I’m so grateful to be alive in a time when I don’t need to worry about being burned at the stake or tortured for my witchiness & creativity, for my beliefs, my sensuality & magic, for my connection to nature & sensitivity to others’ pain.
A time when I can vote & wear whatever I want, when I don’t need to marry anyone I don’t want, or anytime sooner than whenever the fuck I want & if I ever even want to. When I am free to choose if I will make my own human babies, or adopt other babies, or just creative babies – or all three.
A time when I can earn my living without depending on a man or a dowry to pay my bills or determine my worth (my dowry is my brain). When I can speak my truth out loud, when I can co-create the world at the rhythm of my heartbeats.
To think that for the greatest part of history, we’ve had to FIGHT for the mere HUMAN RIGHT to be our wholesome, free, creative rebel selves breaks my heart in so many places. To know that we have overcome, and we’re still fighting patriarchy, misogyny & judgement, creating ourselves & healing from centuries of censorship, denial, persecution, sexual assault, abuse & repression, gives me so much hope.
True feminism in my opinion is only HUMANISM. It’s about a woman’s right & freedom (just as a man’s or any other creature on earth) to be her glorious, uncensored, magical, creative self. True feminism is about allowing ourselves & each other, to be our best, whole selves. Why is this not a given? How could they try so hard & for so long to take it from us? Why?!
Today I celebrate all the resilient, creative, wild goddesses that came before me. I celebrate my sisters in the world right now fighting oppression & repression (from within or without), and working tirelessly to grace this earth with their truth, art & power.
I celebrate my beautiful mother, the greatest artist I have ever known, always guiding me from within, as well as my adopted warrior mothers everywhere, and my badass grandmother who taught me how to be an interdependent, unfuckwithable woman. I love you, I see you, I am you! ❤️
? #tbt @ #CreativeRehabBali by @petelongworth

If every week could end & start like this

If every week could end & start like this…I’d be a butterfly by now ? I want more flowers than doubts this year, more grace than power, more surrender than anxiety for what I can’t control, more vulnerability than superhuman strength, more skin than screens, more now than someday, more me than yesterday.
P.S. Prepping to host (March 23-30) the most magical, life-changing #CreativeRehab retreat I’ve ever co-created (or attended), in Bali, my spiritual Mecca on this tiny blue planet. So ready for these flowers. For new beginnings. For the spring.
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Adventure Agenda:
✔ Intensive daily workshops in Writing, Creative Business, Empowering Life Design & Art Therapy
✔ Mini-adventures + day trips: sailing at sunrise with dolphins, hot springs & temples, waterfalls & ricefields + snorkling & scuba diving.
✔ Daily sunrise meditations + yoga classes.
✔ Wellness & Spa treatments + the best Ayurveda massages of your life. (Promise)
✔ New creative rituals, Balinese Culture + Dance, soul connections, fun & celebration.
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When I’m following my heart, I have no Plan B, no just-in-case, no exit package

When I’m following my heart, I have no Plan B, no just-in-case, no exit package. I barely have enough time for Plan A as it is. I tell myself, if Plan A fails, Plan B will be inevitable. But until then, Plan B is a distraction I really can’t afford.
It may work well for other people, but in my case Plan B is an impostor. It’s FEAR masked as caution. FEAR posing as responsibility. FEAR passing as adulthood, as seriousness, as wisdom. FEAR, plain & primal.
And I’ve already read this book: The moment I let Fear give me B’s & C’s & D’s in Life School 101, my territorial self settles for less, pulled down by smallness like a magnet & I can’t give Plan A – my higher self – my all.
And then there goes another ghost of what might have been, another chapter of how I Plan B’d myself into a corner…Yawn.
It’s not just me (or you) it’s default human nature: the tendency of going for the safest, settling option vs. unsettling expansion.
The problem with Plan B is that it “accidentally” unleashes a life, a love or a career not fully authored by your heartbeats. And that’s a kind of death, you know, but worse, just on the inside. (No one can hear you screaming).
Plan A is terrifying & excruciating, yes. No ground in sight when you first jump, but that’s when creativity can operate most freely & build you homes (and hope) on your way down.
That’s how you change, how you become the person that can carry out Plan A: by fully attempting it with everything you’ve got.
If I were God-dess, let me tell you, FEAR would be Sin. Original Head-of-all-Sins. I’d throw people out of heaven, just so they can grow their wings on their way down and find out they are angels. “I told you you were god!” I’d thunder at them, “Now go & burn through art til you believe me.”
So as I’m both, goddess & fearful, the way I practice courage is by pushing myself into Plan A, by putting myself in situations where COURAGE is the only way out, by sinking ships & burning all my bridges to old self, so I am FORCED to find a way to walk on water… or I’m screwed.
You’d be amazed what Creativity can do for you, when it’s your only option. ??
P.S. My monthly Wonderlist goes out tomorrow – packed with life lessons, creative goodies, inspiration & little things that made my month. Sign up here if you haven’t: andreabalt.com/wonderlist ❤️

Malia: I was going to save this until our anniversary on March 8th, but I am so frickin in love with you!! I couldn’t wait!! I hope you like it!, …

Malia: I was going to save this until our anniversary on March 8th, but I am so frickin in love with you!! I couldn’t wait!! I hope you like it!
When you asked me to marry you on the bridge at Rock Creek Tributary, the best decision of my life was saying YES!
Michael David Johnson, you are the man of my dreams! I am so glad you didn’t stay in my dreams, and you came into my real life!
Thank you for all of the help BABB.

Malia: Who do you think you are just kissing me like that?, MJ: The luckiest man in the world

Malia: Who do you think you are just kissing me like that?
MJ: The luckiest man in the world.
Malia: I hate you.
MJ: Why?
Malia: Because I’m a girl, and sometimes we want to get mad at our man for no reason at all while we are emotional.
MJ: Are you mad at me?
Malia: I want to be, but you won’t let me.
MJ: I don’t understand.
Malia: I am emotional right now, and I want to be mad at you, but you are to damn sweet all the time.
MJ: Are you saying you want me to do something that pisses you off, so you can get mad at me?
Malia: No, but yes. It’s complicated.
MJ: But I don’t want to be mean to you or piss you off. I love you.
Malia: Sometimes women can be moody, and we want our man to deal with it and go with us on our emotional rollercoaster.
MJ: I have no idea what’s happening right now. What do you want me to do? I want to get a couple more things done before lunch gets here. Let me know when the food gets delivered.
Malia: You just expect me to send you a message when the food gets here, like I’m uour servant?
MJ: No. I just want you to let me know when the food gets here, so I can come upstairs and eat with you, and spend time with my family.
Malia: Are you cheating on me?
MJ: No.
Malia: How do I know that?
MJ: My whole life is recorded pretty much babe. If you want, I’ll give permission to Dubs, so you can login to her master system, and you can see for yourself. You can already login to most of my stuff. I’ve got nothing to hide babe. I genuinely love you and you make me happy.
Malia: You are so hard to argue with. Pretend argue with me.
MJ: What if I say something that actually makes you mad?
Malia: I’ll give you a pass.
MJ: Ok.
Malia: Are you cheating on me?
MJ: Yes
Malia: WTF? With who? How could you do this to me?
MJ: I’m sorry babe. It just happened.
Malia: Who is she? Tell me now!
MJ: This is to hard to do. I’m not cheating on you, and I never will. Please don’t make me do this.
Malia: Why did you leave your clothes all over the living room? This place looks like a pigsty.
MJ: Olga cleaned this morning! Besides, I never leave my clothes all over the living room.
Malia: I’m sure you’ve done something to make me mad.
MJ: You are making me mad with all of this.
Malia: Good. I’m mad.
MJ: I’m not really mad. Can we make up now?
Malia: I know if it wasn’t me who was messing with you. If it was someone else, you would take their head off.
MJ: Maybe, but you are my life so I try my best to treat you like it.
Malia: Ok. You qualified for the prize.
MJ: What’s the prize?
Malia: A oner with me before lunch gets here.
MJ: What is a oner?
Malia: It’s a nooner, but since it is 1 o’clock, I customised it.
MJ: Could a oner turn into a twoer?
Malia: I forgot you and Team DD have off until March 1st.
MJ: Yep. My work load is lighter until then, so I’m up for some qt.
Malia: Okay daddy

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